Jetpack by 2.0.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.0.1, from version 2.0. Changelog:

  • Enhancement: Photon: Support for the Lazy Load plugin.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Fix warped images with un- or under-specified dimensions.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Fix warped images with pre-photonized URLs; don’t try to photonize them twice.
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll: Check a child theme’s parent theme for infinite scroll support.
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll: Correct a bug with archives that resulted in posts appearing on archives that they didn’t belong on.
  • Bug Fix: Publicize: Send the correct shortlink to Twitter (et al.) if your site uses a shortener other than
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Improved theme compatibility for the Google+ button.
  • Bug Fix: Notifications: Use locally-installed Javascript libraries if available.