Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.5

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.5, from version 4.0.4. Changelog:

  • Released on 11/28/2012
  • Tested with WordPress 3.5 Release Candidate 1
  • Updated button styling to fix styling issue for future release of WordPress 3.5
  • Updated the “Plugins Update Cache” logic for WordPress versions 3.4+
  • Updated link to add podcast to iTunes.
  • Updated Danish translation. Thanks GeorgWP and Team Blogos for translating!
  • Added define options POWERPRESS_CAPABILITY_MANAGE_OPTIONS and POWERPRESS_CAPABILITY_EDIT_PAGES for administrators to customize PowerPress capabilities. (Thanks Kevin Doole for the contribution!)
  • Updated videos for previewing the PowerPress video players.
  • Added preview media for hosting customers when media is not yet published.
  • Added logic to auto enable “fix theme” feature if JetPack 2.0 is used, solves issue where PowerPress player and links disappear using JetPack 2.0. (Thanks Brian from Handy Guys Podcast for diagnosing the problem)
  • Added is_object test in the powerpress_content function to prevent possible debug messages in development environments. (Thanks Curtis McHale for bringing to our attention)
  • Added link to Message Flow plugin, adds a CoverFlow-like interface for your blog posts with podcast episodes. For podcasts only, use shortocde: [message-flow podcasts_only=”true”]
  • Added warning about FeedBurner is not required to podcast and note that iTunes 1400×1400 jpg image should be 72ppi format for viewing on the web.
  • Removed possible notice messages in the importing tools pages or when metabox option player or links is configured.
  • Provide Embeds option now works no matter which players you configure. (Thanks Daniel Lewis for letting us know about the issue).
  • Added better error message when users try to setup blubrry services integration.
  • Added note under RSS Image to remind new users to also configure their iTunes image, which is very important.
  • Added better explanation for the missing player fix option under the appearance tab.
  • Removed mentions of Zune, that podcast directory is no longer available.