Jetpack by 1.8

Jetpack by was updated to version 1.8, from version 1.7. Changelog:

  • Enhancement: Mobile Theme: Automatically serve a slimmed down version of your site to users on mobile devices.
  • Enhancement: Multiuser: Allow multiple users to link their accounts to accounts.
  • Enhancement: Custom CSS: Added support for object-fit, object-position, transition, and filter properties.
  • Enhancement: Twitter Widget: Added Follow button
  • Enhancement: Widgets: Added Top Posts and Pages widget
  • Enhancement: Mobile Push Notifications: Added support for mobile push notifications on new comments.
  • Enhancement: VideoPress: Shortcodes now support the HD option, for default HD playback.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter Widget: Fixed tweet permalinks in the Twitter widget
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: @import rules and external images are no longer stripped out of custom CSS
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Fixed warnings and notices displayed in debug mode
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Fixed double-encoding of image URLs
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Fix Google +1 button HTML validation issues (again :))
  • Bug Fix: Gravatar Profile Widget: Reduce size of header margins