Jetpack by 1.7

Jetpack by was updated to version 1.7, from version 1.6.1. Changelog:

  • Enhancement: CSS Editor: Customize your site’s design without modifying your theme.
  • Enhancement: Comments: Submit the comment within the iframe. No more full page load to
  • Enhancement: Sharing: Share counts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Enhancement: Sharing: Improve styling
  • Enhancement: Sharing: Add support for ReCaptcha
  • Enhancement: Sharing: Better extensability through filters
  • Enhancement: Widgets: Twitter: Attempt to reduce errors by storing a long lasting copy of the data. Thanks, kareldonk 🙂
  • Regression Fix: Sharing: Properly store and display the sharing label option’s default value.
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: remove worse-than-useless nonce.
  • Bug Fix: Subscriptions: remove worse-than-useless nonce.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Don’t show sharing buttons twice on attachment pages.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Increase width of Spanish Like button for Facebook.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Use the correct URL to the throbber.
  • Bug Fix: Stats: Fix notice about undefined variable $alt
  • Bug Fix: Subscriptions: Make Subscriptions module obey the settings of the Settngs -> Discussion checkboxes for Follow Blog/Comments
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes: VideoPress: Compatibility with the latest version of VideoPress
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes: Audio: Include JS File for HTML5 audio player
  • Bug Fix: Hovercards: Improve cache handling.
  • Bug Fix: Widgets: Gravatar Profle: Correctly display service icons in edge cases.
  • Bug Fix: Widgets: Gravatar Profle: Prevent ugly “flash” of too-large image when page first loads on some sites
  • Bug Fix: Carousel: CSS Compatibility with more themes.