Jetpack by 1.6

Jetpack by was updated to version 1.6, from version 1.5. Changelog:

  • Enhancement: Carousel: Better image resolution selection based on available width/height.
  • Enhancement: Carousel: Load image caption, metadata, comments, et alii when a slide is clicked to switch to instead of waiting.
  • Enhancement: Carousel: Added a “Comment” button and handling to scroll to and focus on comment textarea.
  • Enhancement: Widgets: Facebook Likebox now supports a height parameter and a better width parameter.
  • Enhancement: Widgets: Better feedback when widgets are not set up properly.
  • Enhancement: Shortcodes: Google Maps shortcode now supports percentages in the width.
  • Enhancement: Shortcodes: Update Polldaddy shortcode for more efficient Javascript libraries.
  • Enhancement: Shortcodes: Youtube shortcode now has playlist support.
  • Enhancement: Add Gravatar Profile widget.
  • Enhancement: Update Sharedaddy to latest version, including Pinterest support.
  • Enhancement: Retinize Jetpack and much of WordPress.
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes: Fix Audio shortcode color parameter and rename encoding function.
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes: Don’t output HTML 5 version of the Audio shortcode because of a bug with Google Reader.
  • Bug Fix: Jetpack Comments: Don’t overlead the addComments object if it doesn’t exist. Fixes spacing issue with comment form.
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: If send_to_editor() exists, use it. Fixes an IE9 text area issue.