Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.2

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.2, from version 4.0.1. Changelog:

  • Released on 6/29/2012
  • Fixed bug with feed language getting populated with podcast feed title.
  • Changed feed logic from using get_option(‘rss_language’) to bloginfo_rss(‘language’).
  • Feed language logic for older versions of WordPress (versions < 3.4) remains for backwards compatibility.
  • PowerPress the_content filter now checks for a valid post before trying to do anything. This logic is in place to deal with poorly written plugins triggering the_content filter even when no post is loaded.
  • Updated logic for Custom Podcast Channels to work with WordPress 3.4+ Custom Post Types.
  • Auto enable the “fix theme for player” option when Facebook plugin version 1.0 is found.
  • Fixed a number of new PHP notice messages when in WP_DEBUG mode.
  • Fix strpos getid3\module.tag.id3v2.php on line 876 PHP warning.
  • Added better reporting when paid services expire.
  • Added index.php files to thwart directory listing powerpress folders with PHP scripts.