Blubrry PowerPress 3.0

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 3.0, from version 2.0.4. Changelog:

  • Released on 2/10/2012
  • PowerPress now requires WordPress version 3.0 or newer.
  • New Meta Marks feature
  • Media duration detection and verification now supports AAC .m4a audio and H.264 .mp4/.m4v video (in addition to mpeg3 .mp3). Media duration detection now requires PHP 5.0.5 or newer.
  • Added new ‘Disable Warnings’ option for Podcast Entry Box. Errors are still displayed.
  • Media verification (Verify button) no longer warns if mp3 Channel mode is mono.
  • Media verification (Verify button) now verifies that the media URL’s content type is valid when detecting duration information.
  • Media verification (Verify button) now displays the link to the media upon error so user can test URL manually.
  • Media verification (Verify button) now includes a more readable message when URL returns 404 file not found.
  • Added new Feed Discovery option, Adds “feed discovery” links to your web site’s headers allowing web browsers and feed readers to auto-detect your podcast feeds.
  • Removed iTunes update iTunes listing logic, it is pretty obvious Apple does not plan on restoring the ping which Apple took offline in February of 2011.
  • Added warning in settings that podcast feed is invalid until create at least one podcast episode.
  • Warning now displayed if a Media Embed is entered but no Media URL is present.
  • Removed third party JSON library, no longer needed for WP versions 2.9+.
  • Podcast Channels can now be associated with specific Custom Post Types of type ‘post’.
  • Added option to upload/change HTML5 audio and video play icons. Video play icon must be 60 x 60 pixels in size. Audio play icon has no size restrictions.
  • Added link to WordPress Settings to PowerPress basic setings, This is to resolve the many complains we receive by new users who cannot find PowerPress settings menu.
  • Fixed bug with ID3 tag writing feature not functioning correctly. (Thanks Dave from School of Podcasting for reporting the problem)
  • Fixed bug detected latest versoin of iPad for displaying the HTML5 player.
  • Flow Player Classic now displays full screen button when playing video.
  • Romanian translation for v2.0.4+ added by Alexander Ovsov (Thanks Alexander!)
  • Italian translation for v2.0.4+ by Umberto (thanks Umberto!)
  • Fixed a number of PHP notice messages when in WP_DEBUG mode. (Thanks Jeremy Clarke for introducing us to the Debug Bar plugin!)