Gravity Forms 1.6.2

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.6.2, from version 1.6.1. Changelog:

  • Added “gform_custom_merge_tags” hook which allows for the inclusion of custom merge tags wherever merge tag drop downs are generated.
  • Added “gform_replace_merge_tags” hook which allows for the replacement of merge tags.
  • Added “gform_entry_created” hook which fires immediately after the lead has been created but before any lead specific functionality has processed.
  • Added “gform_form_actions” hook which allows the modification of existing form actions and addition of new form actions.
  • Added ability to go back to a specific page when form validation fails using gform_validation hook.
  • Updated thick box enqueuing so that it is done conditionally when running WordPress v3.3+.
  • Updated link for reCAPTCHA account sign-up.
  • Updated preview, print entry and column selection functionality to provide better compatibility with sites using a custom wp-content folder location.
  • Updated the color_picker function in the GFFormDetail class to make it public and usable by add-ons.
  • Fixed issue with uploaded files not being properly deleted on multi-site installs.
  • Fixed issue for Really Simple Captcha plugin with image/color display when changing size/font/background colors.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect preview link displayed immediately after creating a new form.
  • Fixed issue with {all_fields:admin} not displaying admin labels for Single Product fields.
  • Fixed issue with blank sections being displayed on {all_fields} merge tag.
  • Fixed issue where content templates would return empty when a “0” was passed.
  • Fixed issue with activation throwing errors when trying to remove old indexes.
  • Fixed issue with Pricing fields displaying as $0.00 for text formatted notifications.
  • Fixed issue where selecting “None” for Paging Progress Indicator option was not being reflected after updating the form.
  • Fixed issue with user defined price field not accepting $0.00 as a valid value.
  • Fixed issue with radio button and checkbox pricing fields storing the selected items when price was blank.
  • Fixed issue with escaping causing javascript errors on the entry list when language localization is set to French.