Broken Link Checker 1.4

Broken Link Checker was updated to version 1.4, from version 1.3.1. Changelog:

  • Added an option to send post authors notifications about broken links in their posts.
  • Added the ability to sort links by URL (click the column header).
  • Added YouTube API throttling to avoid going over the request quota, which could result in false positives on blogs with lots of YouTube videos.
  • Added a Bulgarian translation.
  • Updated Italian, German and Persian translations.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Feedback” and other screen meta links wouldn’t show up in WP 3.3.
  • Fixed the tab CSS for the plugin settings page. Now they should be the right size and look the same in all modern browsers (tested in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera).
  • Fixed drop-down arrows showing up on meta links that don’t actually have dropdowns.
  • Tested on WP 3.3 (RC2).