WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO was updated to version from version 1.0.1. Changelogs:

  • Removed all rel=index, rel=prev etc references that WP core currently uses as they’re wrongly implemented.
  • Added rel=prev and rel=next for paginated posts and pages.
  • Removed the interface options for all rel= links, they’re off by default now.
  • Removed the option to hide the version number. It’s very easy to detect the version number anyway so let’s not clutter the interface.

  • I missed a case where the next link would point to the current page, fixed it though 🙂


  • Fixed keyword in slug detection on non-post post types.
  • Optimizations in canonical functionality, adding canonicals to author archives and more.
  • Added prev and next links as suggested by Google.
  • Fixed issue with unescaped characters in title and description when updating edit screen.
  • Posts with a canonical set to another URL are no longer included in the XML sitemap.