Blubrry PowerPress 2.0.4

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 2.0.4, from 2.0.3. Changelog:


  • Released on 8/23/2011
  • NOTE: There is no need to update to this version unless you can benefit from the bug fixes, changes or new Italian translation listed below.
  • Added partially completed Italian translation. (Thanks Umberto!)
  • Incremented supported WordPress version number.
  • Changed action hook for powerpress_admin_init hook to use ‘admin_init’ rather than ‘init’, an extra precaution in case other plugins invoke admin mode in WordPress.
  • Disabled the future_to_publish hook, the logic was there for pinging iTunes, which Apple took offline earlier this year.
  • Fixed bug with “Display player and Link Options” setting not working in WordPress 3.2. (Thanks Cliff from for reporting the problem)
  • Fixed bug with Podcast Channels background color setting not appearing in edit post screen in WordPress 3.2.
  • Changes made to support latest versions of jQuery.


  • The future major release of PowerPress (3.x) will no longer be compatible with WordPress 2.8.x and 2.9.x. Please upgrade to WordPress 3.0 or newer to install future versions of PowerPress.
  • Translation support is now complete. Please visit the following link if you would like to have a version in your language: