Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Added gform_product_total product price javascript filter to allow custom total calculation.
  • Added gform_product_info filter to allow manipulation of the product list.
  • Removed custom class from field when displayed in the form editor.
  • Implemented gform_address_display_format on form display.
  • Fixed formatting issue with address field when state field was hidden.
  • Replace dot (.) in complex field’s input IDs with underscores to prevent CSS problems when targeting the input.
  • Added gform_print_entry_header and gform_print_entry_footer hooks to allow users to add custom headers and footers in the Print Entry screen.
  • Added CSS rule to prevent a reported display issue where button panels were cut off by the container overflow in the form editor.
  • Fixed javascript error on drop down shipping fields when using WP 3.2 RC1.
  • Fixed issue with Post Custom Field template not saving value correctly.