Instant Articles for WP 4.0.1

Instant Articles for WP was updated to version 4.0.1, from version 4.0.0. Changelogs (going back because the last few versions didn’t show the changelog):


  • Check for array index before using it
  • Enable deletion of JSON AMP Style and removes an undef index
  • Fixed several php notices. Also fixed a bug in should_subit_post()


  • Fix “Empty string supplied as input” bug
  • Adding support to IA->AMP conversion
  • allow markups in footer/copyright
  • Open Graph Ingestion Flow
  • Update Google Analytics compat


  • Add post ID to instant_articles_content filter
  • Adds ver= to invalidate plugin resource files
  • Fix wp_is_post_autosave() parameter value
  • Allow for alternative file path for json rules
  • fix merge damage
  • Extracted anonymous inline function
  • Apester plugin support
  • Switch on/off configuration for enabling comments/likes by default
  • Add an option to set a footer


  • Call instant_articles_post_published hook to determine published status
  • capability to toggle RTL option
  • Fix typo for $provider_url at L42, L44 and L46


  • Fix typo on script
  • Add transformer rule for cite element
  • add into oEmbed $provider_name
  • Don’t try to load embeds compat unless we’re in Instant Articles context
  • Add is_transforming_instant_article() conditional
  • Ad de_DE
  • Change save_post priority
  • Add missing information to composer.json
  • Add release script


  • Remove deprecated rules and add rules for imgs inside links
  • Update stats code to use FBIA SDK
  • Enables Playbuzz plugin out of the box

WooCommerce 3.1.0

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.1.0, from version 3.0.9. Changelog:

  • Feature – Built-in product CSV importer and exporter for products.
  • Feature – Display (toggle-able) terms inline on the checkout rather than showing a link.
  • Feature – On the “pay for order” page, if logged out show a login form rather than an error message.
  • Feature – Enabled oembed support for product short descriptions.
  • Feature – Added bulk variation update for stock status.
  • Feature – On customer profiles: added a button to copy billing address to shipping address.
  • Feature – Setup Wizard – Automatic Shipping Zone Creation In Setup Wizard for the base location.
  • Feature – Setup Wizard – Added a new optional Storefront Theme step if you’re using a non-WooCommerce compatible theme.
  • Feature – Made it possible to manage extension licenses purchased from on the extensions screen.
  • Tweak – Gallery – Added a data-caption for captions to support both captions and titles for SEO.
  • Tweak – Gallery – Used smoothHeight setting to better support images of different heights.
  • Tweak – UI – Added blank states for API keys & webhooks.
  • Tweak – UI – Made Product submenu labels consistent in admin.
  • Tweak – UI – Changed street address field label and placeholder to minimize user error on checkout.
  • Tweak – UI – Added a confirmation before deleting log files.
  • Tweak – If prices are the same for all variations, use price not priceSpecification in structured data.
  • Tweak – Added variable so shipping calculator is shown on first row only when showing multiple shipping packages.
  • Tweak – Updated mini-cart HTML to use a list.
  • Tweak – Allow linking to single product additional_information tab from url hash.
  • Tweak – Re-included WooCommerce endpoints on the appearance > menus screens.
  • Tweak – Always sync incorrect titles on variation read regardless of version.
  • Tweak – Standardize rating HTML in all templates.
  • Tweak – When searching, disable WC sort order so results are sorted by relevance.
  • Tweak – Update price sorting code to use min or max for variable products depending on sorting direction.
  • Tweak – Utilize $product method to get thumbnail in loops.
  • Tweak – Check for an existing display name before updating a user on checkout. Adds display_name prop to the CRUD.
  • Tweak – Adapt variable product price used in sorting based on direction of sort.
  • Tweak – Made state validation less strict for keys.
  • Tweak – For COD orders, force payment complete status to be completed.
  • Fix – Use get_max_purchase_quantity in cart template and fix logic when stock management is off.
  • Fix – Added log_id as the secondary sorting column to log list so log entries sort correctly.
  • Fix – Fix shop page when using shop base and UTF8 shop page slug.
  • Fix – Added handles so drag and drop does not break edit on mobile when sorting categories.
  • Fix – Added ABSPATH checks to all files.
  • Fix – Fixed how to flush rewrite rules after saving the shop main page.
  • Fix – Emails sent via admin should switch to global locale.
  • Fix – Set and restore wp_query so product page functions think it’s a real product page.
  • Fix – Variation default value of ‘0’ fails to save on product.
  • Fix – Prevent locations being added to the “Rest Of The World” shipping zone via the API.
  • Dev – Allow date created to be set in wc_create_refund.
  • Dev – Introduced a WC_Order_Query class for finding/searching orders.
  • Dev – Added “restored” webhook.
  • Dev – Support floats for the custom attribute name sorting function.
  • Dev – Updated Emogrifier to version 1.2.
  • Dev – Sort product data tabs by priority in admin screen.
  • Dev – Added new hooks for: dashboard reviews widget, product and category sorting events, woocommerce_add_to_cart_sold_individually_found_in_cart, cart empty messages.
  • Dev – Added filters for zoom / flexslider / photoswipe enabling.
  • Dev – Added filter for cookie name.
  • Dev – Added ability to filter Photoswipe lightbox options.
  • Dev – Added new filter for product thumbnail size.
  • Dev – Added action for displaying custom data for fees in admin.
  • Dev – Changed build_payload from private to public in webhook system.
  • Dev – Added deprecated notice to WC_Order_Item_Meta (deprecated in 3.0).
  • Dev – Added namespace to jQuery events that are removed in VariationForm.
  • Dev – Made WC_Checkout::get_posted_data() public.
  • Dev – Add custom message for custom system status tools.
  • Dev – Added filters to change which order items are created and loaded to support custom item types.
  • Dev – Updated jQuery payment and serializejson libraries.
  • Localization – Added Bolivian states.
  • Localization – Use VAT for Norway instead of Tax.

Divi Builder 2.0.14

Divi Builder was updated to version 2.0.14, from version 2.0.13. No Changelog was available.

Instant Articles for WP 4.0.0

Instant Articles for WP was updated to version 4.0.0, from version 3.3.5. No Changelog was available.

Sucuri Security 1.8.6

Sucuri Security was updated to version 1.8.6, from version 1.8.3. Changelogs:


  • Add default language for internationalization fallback


  • Fix minor bugs after post-testing of the new release
  • Add full support for internationalization with en_US locale
  • Add full support for internationalization with es_ES locale


  • Modify the entire interface to offer a fresh desigh
  • Add support for internationalization via gettext
  • Modify the structure of the project for maintainability
  • Remove minified files to facilitate future contributions
  • Add warning message in the reset plugin tool page
  • Fix loading sequence for additional PHP files
  • Add restriction to prevent direct access to PHP files
  • Fix file search by name when the directory is passed
  • Add HTTP request parameters to track some settings
  • Fix reset plugin tool with the new WordPress API
  • Fix length of the pagination helper with many pages
  • Add performance boost for the failed logins page
  • Modify structure of the failed logins data analyzer
  • Fix deactivation of all the scheduled tasks from settings
  • Modify entire code base to enforce HTTPS over HTTP
  • Remove heartbeat settings after performance improvement
  • Remove unnecessary XHR event monitor and report
  • Remove deprecated functions from previous releases
  • Remove deprecated tool to scan for error_log files
  • Modify failed logins logger with wrong passwords
  • Remove plugin checksum dependency to avoid asset cache
  • Modify minimum PHP version in hardening page
  • Fix email alerts with non-existing site_url option
  • Add tool to import and export the plugin settings
  • Add uninstall instructions during deactivation of the plugin
  • Fix plugin reinstall procedure with backup and prechecks
  • Modify mechanism to ignore irrelevant WordPress core files
  • Modify list of available scheduled task frequencies
  • Fix lazy load of the CSS and Scripts on the correct pages
  • Add audit log message fixer for the wpephpcompat_jobs event
  • Fix website URL in the template for the email alerts
  • Add message in the core integrity tool for false/positives
  • Add option to reset the content of some storage files
  • Add mechanism to display self-hosting logs as fallback
  • Fix incoherent failed login processor on pagination
  • Add option to display differences in core integrity checks
  • Modify the default and maximum timeout for the API
  • Fix static data storage path to allow server migrations
  • Add option to ignore non-registered custom post-types
  • Add more details into the event that monitors post deletions
  • Fix event monitor for plugin activation and deactivation
  • Fix dynamic directory tree deletion with improved performance
  • Fix automatic deletion of conflicting plugins
  • Add event monitor for all supported post status transitions
  • Add one-time newsletter invitation after plugin updates
  • Add code to delete legacy plugin options from database
  • Modify error on non-processed files in the integrity checks
  • Fix overflow of HTTP requests to SiteCheck API on failures
  • Fix handling of the actions in the core integrity checks
  • Add message and button to reset the audit logs cache
  • Add ajax request to load malware scans for performance

WooCommerce Services 1.6.0

WooCommerce Services was updated to version 1.6.0, from version 1.5.0. Changelog:

  • New streamlined onboarding process for plugin dependencies
  • Better packaging workflow for orders not using live rates at checkout
  • Improved discovery for label printing
  • Fix bug with test label printing on status page

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 3.2.1

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway was updated to version 3.2.1, from version 3.2.0. Changelog:

  • Fix – Discounts were not applying to total with Apple Pay.

Divi 3.0.52

The Divi theme was updated to version 3.0.52, from version 3.0.51.


The Gutenberg plugin was installed today.

WooCommerce 3.0.9

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.0.9, from version 3.0.8. Changelog:

  • Fix – Exclude sale products from category checks if coupon is not valid for sale products in coupon class.
  • Fix – Fix missing states in state field when selected country differs from checkout data. Required template modification.
  • Fix – Updated woocommerce_email_actions to send email when order status changes from processing to cancelled.
  • Fix – Fix undefined variables in terms and legacy order API endpoints.
  • Fix – Correctly update variation outofstock term on save.
  • Fix – Add a nonce and confirmation message for logging out via the customer my account page.
  • Fix – Allow setting grouped_products via the API.
  • Fix – Prevent edge case errors in wc_get_product_term_ids.
  • Fix – Remove extra escaping to fix saving of special characters in attribute terms.
  • Fix – Stricter shipping method matching in COD to prevent conflicts.
  • Fix – Recalculate totals after local pickup selection so taxes are recalculated.
  • Fix – Add missing nonce to product sales report.
  • Fix – Fix webhook save actions and ping the URL to test only once.
  • Fix – Fix issue with CLI IDs which overlap with actual data.
  • Fix – Normalise emails in coupons so lower/upper case is ignored.
  • Fix – Added background color to x button in product gallery edit box.
  • Dev – Renamed woocommerce_credit_card_type_labels filter from wocommerce_credit_card_type_labels.