Enable Media Replace 3.2.7

Enable Media Replace was updated to version 3.2.7, from version 3.2.6. Changelog:

  • Add minimum required php version to run the plugin.
  • Security: Prevent direct access to php files.
  • Security: Prevent direct access to directories.
  • Security: Escape translation strings using esc_attr__() and esc_html__() functions.
  • Fix RTL issues.

Publish to Apple News 1.4.2

Publish to Apple News was updated to version 1.4.2, from version 1.4.1. Changelog:

  • Bugfix: Issues with making updates via the quick edit interface and on unsupported post types are now fixed, as the publish action bails out early if the nonce is not set, which occurs when the metabox does not load.
  • Added ‘apple_news_should_post_autopublish’ filter to override automatic publish settings on a per-article basis. Props to @srtfisher for the update.

Divi 3.12.2

The Divi theme was updated to version 3.12.2, from version 3.12.1.

Extra 2.12.2

The Extra theme was updated to version 2.12.2, from version 2.12.1.

WP Featherlight Deleted

WP Featherlight was removed today. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the plugin, it just was no longer being used.

Divi Builder 2.12.2

Divi Builder was updated to version 2.12.2, from version 2.12.1. No Changelog was available.

Gutenberg 3.6.2

Gutenberg was updated to version 3.6.2, from version 3.5.

iThemes Security Pro 5.4.8

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 5.4.8, from version 5.4.5. Changelog:

  • Enhancement: Add schedule options to the “Grade Report Change” email.
  • Bug Fix: Don’t send “Grade Report Change” email if the grade is reverted back to the original grade during the waiting period before sending the notification.
  • Bug Fix: Plugins were deactivated when updating through Grade Report.
  • Bug Fix: REST API Protection blocked the Taxonomies route for all users.

Yoast SEO 8.0

Yoast SEO was updated to version 8.0, from version 7.9.1. Changelog:

  • Implements the Yoast sidebar for Gutenberg: added the Readability, Focus Keyword and Cornerstone content tabs to the sidebar.
  • Revamps the Yoast metabox to use the same vertical design as the new sidebar.
  • Implements the same tabbed layout in the plugin’s network settings screen that is also used in the plugin’s site settings screens.
  • Implements a plugin-specific network settings API and use it in the network settings screen.
  • Introduces a network admin-specific admin bar menu.
  • Adds notifications to the Notification Center in regards to Gutenberg compatibility. If Gutenberg is older than the minimum supported version by Yoast SEO, a ‘problem’ notification is added. If Gutenberg is only slightly outdated, a ‘normal’ notification is added.
  • Implements the automatic detection of the keyword for terms based on the term’s title.
  • Fixes a bug where /sitemap.xml would not correctly redirect to /sitemap_index.xml in some environments.
  • Fixes a bug where sitemap cache transients would not be correctly cleared.
  • Fixes a bug where markers were wrongfully displayed in Gutenberg.
  • Fixes a bug where SEO titles were incorrectly evaluated as being of a good length when they were actually slightly too long.
  • Moves the network’s Restore Site functionality into its own tab.

EWWW Image Optimizer 4.3.1

EWWW Image Optimizer was updated to version 4.3.1, from version 4.2.3. Changelog:


  • fixed: fatal error on older WP versions due to missing privacy policy function


  • added: Alt WebP enables instant conversion with ExactDN, no need for bulk optimize
  • added: links within settings and other notices for contextual help
  • added: auto-convert large PNG images to JPG during upload, define EWWW_IMAGE_OPTIMIZER_DISABLE_AUTOCONVERT to skip
  • added: use file modification time to add query strings on JS/CSS files for cache invalidation on ExactDN
  • added: use EXACTDN_EXCLUDE in wp-config.php to bypass ExactDN for JS, CSS, etc.
  • added: NextGEN image urls properly rewritten for ExactDN
  • added: NextGEN dynamic thumbs included during manual/bulk optimization
  • added: auto-installer for Cloud plugin when running EWWW IO on a “banned” webhost
  • added: suggested privacy policy text for users of the API and ExactDN
  • added: detect wordpress.com sites and disable exec function and binaries
  • changed: resizing uses the primary media dimensions unless the “other” dimensions are configured
  • changed: Resize Other Images removed from GUI, configure via Overrides tab
  • changed: filter NextGEN quality to prevent oversized thumbs
  • changed: allow crop via filter even when one dimension is the same as the original
  • changed: auto-rotate function disabled with EWWW_IMAGE_OPTIMIZER_DISABLE_AUTOROTATE
  • changed: one-click copy for debug info, and debug collapsed by default in media library and bulk results
  • changed: bulk operations for batches of NextGEN images now use the bulk optimizer page instead of loading inline
  • fixed: thumbs not generated during WP/LR Sync
  • fixed: uploading images in the Gutenberg editor uses the wrong resize dimensions
  • fixed: unique filename function producing names with a hyphen and no digits
  • fixed: encoded ampersands within the path portion of a url prevent ExactDN parsing
  • fixed: entering a decimal for bulk delay does nothing
  • fixed: if urls on a localized WPML domain are using the default domain, ExactDN ignores them
  • fixed: toggle for plugin status and bulk status generate admin-ajax.php 403 errors
  • fixed: PNGOUT installer confirmation notice was missing
  • deprecated: PHP 5.4 support will be removed in the next major release (version 4.4)